Monday, 9 May 2011

Works on Contingency? No! Money Down!

Before I get into artists, I feel like giving my two cents on a bunch of random things. For the hell of it. Because some things need to be blunt and then we can just move on.

- ZZ Top has, and always will have the best/most beard to band ratio.
- You can never EVER have too much cowbell
- The Mars Volta are terrible live, but brilliant on a clear cut recording.
- Barry White had better and more vocal bass than your soundsystem
- You can't play guitar because you can muster a 70% on guitar hero expert settings.

I'll add more, just have to make food, continue in a bit.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

That's Like, Your Opinion Bro.

Music. Unless you're deaf, it's got the power to do wonders. It can heal, anger, sooth, bring a grow man to tears, activate the inner depths of our imagination, even make us 'get down' in a fashion that to some, may just seem downright silly. It can swing our entire moods around, be it for the good or bad. Its everywhere we go. When it's gone, we dance to the silence, noisy notes running continuous loops through or heads. And I for one, love the men and women responsible for making my life's soundtrack a diverse masterpiece.
In this blog, I'll be saluting these fine folk of musical mastery, occasionally calling out the ones that cheat us musically in some way or another, and random other related things I feel I must get into (its my blog bro). I'll be starting tomorrow, now go listen to something.

Friday, 6 May 2011

First Post!

Hey Everyone. So I'm a guy that likes music just as much as the next guy so I thought 'What fun, lets make a blog about it'. I'll share some of my favourites, along with some stuff that makes me rage, and everything in between. I look forward to your feedback and contributions!